Swoon will open second gelateria in Bath

Swoon will open second gelateria in Bath

Posted on: 06 Apr 2017

After a successful first year in Bristol, Swoon gelato are all set to open their second gelateria in Bath just in time for summer.


The gelateria will open in May in the bustling Kingsmead Square, home to many restaurants and cafes, but far away from Bath's current favourite gelateria The Real Italian Ice Cream Company. It will be the first major competitor for the ice cream company, as they have had the main share of Bath's ice cream loving residents and tourists.


Swoon will be serving its signature Italian gelato, with their ten traditional flavours and six monthly changing seasonal ones, as well as a selection of semifreddos. Their changing menu, fresh flavours and gelato cakes have contributed to its success with the foodies of Bristol.


Swoon’s gelato is freshly made every day on the premises and churned very, very slowly to achieve a rich and creamy texture distinct from that of ice cream with which it is commonly confused. Gelato is also noticeably less cold than ice cream – typically served at -14 degrees rather than -18 degrees – and because it contains less fat, the flavours are more intense. They will be using the local Somerset’s Bruton Dairy to supply its milk and cream. Other ingredients such as lemons, hazelnuts and pistachios are sourced from Italy. 


It's the brainchild of Bruno Forte and Pat Powell, the latest generation in a family of gelato makers going back 120 years. Co-Founder of Swoon, Bruno Forte, comments: “We saw Bath as the perfect place to open our second gelateria, a much loved city with plenty to offer in food and culture. We are so happy with our first year in Bristol and can’t wait to get to know the people of Bath and serve them our fresh gelato."


Keep an eye out for Swoon in May, but in the meantime check out their delicious creations online and on Instagram.

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Safia Yallaoui - Editor

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